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Favorite BBQ Place |Renovated|


Mapo Galbi 마포갈비 got all done up!

There are two amazing pork rib BBQ joints down the street from me. They stand opposite each other, facing each other like mortal enemies. Well, my favorite one, Mapo Galbi, 마포갈비,  just got a leg up on the other this month when it debuted all shiny and new after renovations.

I, of course, was first concerned that the renovations from a very old, run down, but authentically Korean, establishment looking place to an ultra modern, beautifully clean looking place would effect the quality of the food. Back in America, renovations or upgrades do not necessarily mean the restaurant will be as good in the food department.  So I went in immediately to judge the food quality for myself.

Sadly, I don’t have any before pictures of anything but the food. So I can’t show you what an amazing transformation was made to the restaurant itself, but you can take my word that it is really spectacular. The food? Perfectly the same as before. I was deliriously happy.  This is one of the best BBQ restaurants I’ve been to in Seoul.  They’ve been doing it for as long as I’ve been alive so I guess they’ve worked out any kinks :).

sam_1571 sam_1572 sam_1573 sam_1574 sam_1576 sam_1578 sam_1579 sam_1580 sam_1581 sam_1584

My favorite part of this place is that they give you a little bowl of garlic and oil to pop on your grill. Once the meat is cooked you can dip it in the oil, then salt, then you are walking on clouds in food heaven.

2014-01-19 21.58.28sam_1586 sam_1587 sam_1590 sam_1592

They are very generous with the banchan and the doenjang-jjigae is really nice.


Address & Directions:     Gangnam-gu, Hakdong-ro 2 gil 49

From exit 2 of Nonhyeon Station, take the first right and head down the street. Keep walking until you see the restaurant on the left hand side, a couple blocks down.  and close to YeongDong Market (영동시장).



    • First…WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!! …Second, it is pork rib but its not served in the same style that we serve it. From Wikipedia: the ribs are cut into 2 to 5 inch segments, and the meat is filleted in layers away from the bone to form a uniformly thin layer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galbi So, this way we can eat it with chopsticks because Koreans don’t really like eating with their fingers.

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