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Jusangjeolli Cliff | Jeju Island | 주상절리

Cliffs formed by lava and viewing spots with picturesque oceanscapes…lols… makes Jusaangjolli Cliff a real nice spot to stop on by.  It’s a big tourist destination and it costs 2,000 won to enter. But you will get more than that in beautiful pictures, it’s pretty impressive.

You may even be lucky enough to run into one of the famous diving women called Hanyeo, like we did. She was busy slicing and dicing some super fresh abalone. It was pretty amazing to see.  And its a sight that might not be available in the future as culture changes and the average age of these amazing women grows.

From the Jeju Weekly

Hanyeo, called the mothers of the sea, can holds their breath without any equipment and collect marine creatures such as abalone and top shells to sell and feed her family. Hanyeo dive without any equipment for more than 3 minutes. Many people think that the Hanyeo have their own special technique to hold their breath. But it’s not true. Hanyeo have been able to hold their breath for long time due to knowing that she has to earn money for her children. But the average age of the Hanyeo is 69 years old and the number of Hanyeo are decreasing dramatically. There is a big risk that the Hanyeo might soon disappear.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Enjoy my slideshow…I just learned how to make it! 😀

More information and directions: Here

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