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|Jeju Island’s| Famous Black Pork


Ahh, my glorious trip to Jeju Island. Let’s begin where we will all be happy…the pork, Heuk dwaeji.

In recent months, I’ve really tried to cut back on my meat intake at home, I rarely ever have it now. I like to save my protein for when it really counts, and this pork really counts. Heuk dwaeji is  a delicacy of the island and you can generally only find it here or some select specialty restaurants on the mainland. The pork is from a small, domesticated black pig. The meat is flavored by smoking it with hay before its ever cooked. The pieces are tender, buttery and full of fat. It makes for unbelievably delicious bite after bite. You don’t ever want it to end.

As 1/3 of our party is allergic/had a traumatic experience with fish and seafood this was the only Jeju specialty we were able to eat on our vacation. Not that I’m complaining (that much). This meal was not at the most famous restaurant located in Jeju City, but a smaller place on the opposite side of the island that our lovely tour guide, Mr. Song, brought us to and then directed around the staff like the pushy Italian mom none of us ever had.

Sit back and enjoy the meal.


I don’t think I’ve ever taken a from the side table picture and not looked like a bloated mess…I wish I knew a trick, hah!


Pork for three.


Side dishes


Side dishes


Cooked on a ceramic grill with water inside.


Our beautiful view of Jeju orange trees right outside the window.



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