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|Review| Brick Oven New York Pizza


Oh, Korea and your weirdo pizzas. You cause all us foreigners to seek out establishments like Brick Oven with a vengeance. I’ve been to this restaurant twice and it is always loaded with foreigners and gyopos.  They even have western staff working there…that’s how much we love it.

This review of Brick Oven is one of hundreds online so I’ll be brief. This is good pizza. There is a beautiful brick oven in the kitchen and you can smell the pizza from the street. It calls you in like a siren…and if I was going to fall for any siren, it would be the Siren of Good Pizza.


Phil anxiously awaiting his first New York style pizza pie.


Just happy to be here, folks.


We got there just in time. After we ordered and our pizza was set before us, the entire place was packed. We got there on a Sunday around noon.


A great menu full of food to feel happily guilty about.


The New Yorker is where it’s at.


Phil’s lemonade.




Verdict: While I love the addition of olives and bell peppers, this salad was drowning in balsamic. I will order the dressing on the side next time. I could only eat what was on top, underneath there is a pool of brown liquid.


Beautiful, yeah?


Verdict: The crust is crispy and chewy. The sauce is garlicy and full of flavor. They have a wonderful amount of cheese and toppings so that the crust isn’t weighed down. This pizza is amazing. Recommended if you’re brave enough to eat a great pizza in Korea.


Yep. This is my favorite part.


Directions: Click Here!

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
+82 2-508-1325


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