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|Review| Double Trouble


In the back alley of the most annoying of all the Gangnam Streets, is a basement restaurant that I heard through the viral grapevine had a fairly accurate representation of a Philadelphia Cheese Steak.

I was game. It’s been YEARS since I’ve had a cheesesteak. I lived in Philly for a bit in a previous life and had the fortune to try the sandwich on it’s home turf. When done correctly, it’s a sandwich that melts in your mouth with warmth, salt and cheese. The bread should be warm. The meat should be salty. The cheese should be cheesy.  It’s a real work of art when done right.

I’m really happy with this place for one main reason. They don’t pretend to be ultra authentic. It’s obviously a Western/Korean fusion restaurant. They have ddeok and cheese as a dish. The corn on the cob was coated in mayo. The Philly Cheese Steak is actually called a Seoul Cheese Steak. The honesty doesn’t go unnoticed. There’s nothing worse than advertising some authentic place and then biting into a Korean style food only to be annoyed at their lying.  Because I’m able to judge this as true fusion food I have to admit I really loved it.


They’re really rocking the whole West Philly vibe…yuppie  West Philly vibe, but that’s cool. It’s about all I could handle.

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The menu has several sandwiches, fries, salads, and desserts.








Corntroll verdict: I thought this would be grilled corn on the cob with some Parmesan and cayenne pepper. The menu is seriously lacking English explanations. There was actually a layer of Korean mayo underneath the parm and cayenne pepper. At first I just felt like there was too much coating and I couldn’t taste the sweet, heavenly corn. But the longer I chewed on my corn pop I changed my mind and found I really liked it.

Also of note: Every single table in the joint ordered this side dish. It is very popular.



Seoul Cheese steak Verdict: Umm…this is pretty damn good. The bread is a soft pillow of warmth. It’s toasty and just slightly grilled. The meat is cooked perfectly and has a really fresh taste and it’s flavorful.  I quite liked the green onion addition on top. A real Philly Cheese steak would have a bit more cheese and meat (and optional bell peppers) but I was okay with the ratios. It is worth going for.

My friend Phil came with me and it was his first cheese steak experience. I was proud that he could taste one so delectable.





The Double Trouble Verdict: This sandwich, from which the restaurant gets its name, is a kind of swing and a miss for me. It was simply too big and the burger tastes quite a bit like American-style meatloaf. I would have just preferred a really good grilled cheese sandwich with better bread and cheese.  Of course, if you’re hungry, this would be a good option. I ate 1/4 of the sandwich and then I was at capacity.  Oh, and pickle: real.


Check out Double Trouble so it stays in business and keeps making those sandwiches that put a smile on my face. For my part, I’m going back to try the waffle and fried chicken sandwich and the fried mac + cheese once I come back from summer vacation. I’m gonna need to diet after this past weekend of food.

Directions: From Sinnonhyeon Exit 4, turn right on Bongeunsa-ro 4-gil. Turn left on Gangnam-daero 100-gil. Walk for about 5 minutes, you will go past Milkcow and Brick Oven Pizza. The restaurant is on your right. The entrance is down a small alley to the right but you can see the sign from the road you’re walking on.

Directions from Naver.





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