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|Revisiting| John Cook’s Deli Meats


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Oh, how I love this place! I really intended to go and try something other than a sandwich but it’s a warm, summer day and a sandwich just sounded so perfect. I must go back to try the damn bbq…and I will…but at a later date.

Today I decided to have a chicken + avocado sandwich on ciabatta bread. It was divine. The bread itself was so soft and had a perfect chewiness. The chicken was chicken breast, not processed, and the avocado was as perfect as that fruit can be.

The sweet staff brought two “service” items. For those of you not in Korea, service items are freebies that Koreans love to give and Koreans and Westerners alike love to get. We got a little toast with German style meatloaf and a roasted pepper and sausage salad. Fantastic.

And I just want to throw out there that they make their own pickles. So they are tangy and crisp…like they should be. There isn’t a sweetness in sight. Plus, they sell them in big jars if you are interested :D.

Seriously. If you are in Korea…go.

sam_0675 sam_0677 sam_0679 sam_0680



Directions can be found on their website here: John Cook Deli Meats. 


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