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|Revisiting| Chloris Tea Room


Click the picture to see my original review of Chloris Tea Rooms!

I promised to go back to Chloris and try their breakfast/brunch and, unlike my exercise/my not eating white rice/my sweeping my floor everyday promises,  I actually made good on that promise! The breakfast foods are not spectacular, but in all honesty, not that bad. I would certainly eat them again since the place is close and it’s actual Western food.

The eggs Benedict had perfectly poached eggs, bacon and the addition of a tomato, which I quite liked. The sauce was meh. Not flavorful, a bit too thick for my tastes and just not that memorable.  I kept thinking if they roasted the tomato and added some salt and pepper to the sauce, it would have elevated to taste up to pretty damn good.

The french toast was amazing…best thing they had. It is not that hard to make French toast but its amazing how soggy some of it can be if the cook isn’t careful. This french toast, made from a thick brioche bread, was perfection. Great flavor of butter and cinnamon, not soggy, delicious.

The only think I’m going to really complain about is the all too typical crap salad that is served with damn near every western food dish in Korea. It is basically just bitter lettuce, maybe a cherry tomato and some balsamic vinaigrette. Every. Time. Blahsville.

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From Sinnonhyeon Station, take exit 4. Turn Right at the first street (Bongeunsa ro 4-gil).  Walk for just a few minutes. You’ll see the cafe on the right hand side.

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