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|Inspiration| Geometric Wall Deco

This is a story of hard fought triumph.

My first attempt at making this wall art ended in tears and a hissy fit. Honestly, it was more like exasperation and quitting for a long time. I felt like throwing a hissy fit but I kept myself together.

I wanted to make something similar to this design found on The Caldwell Project . I really loved the idea and her take on it. I like her little Instagram pictures.  I wanted to use her idea for some postcards but I just wanted to make mine a bit more abstract and I really wanted to use real wire. I thought the real wire would make it look more industrial and enhance its destiny of greatness. What it actually did was just bum me out.

Here is what The Caldwell Project made and my own two versions. The second, as you will see, is much nicer.


This was my first take on it. I liked the design by the wire would not go straight. I hurt my hands trying to straighten it out. But every time I saw it (which is a lot since its right by my only door) I hated it a bit more and a bit more. It had to be destroyed and redone. Ugh.


 2014-05-25 13.43.30

The second try I used an elastic string. It worked so quickly and beautifully.

I am quite happy with the second try. I LOVE the design even more.sam_0506 sam_0505 sam_0695 sam_0703 sam_0707 sam_0697 sam_0699 sam_0700


  1. Grace says

    Love this so much! You did a great job of remaking a beautiful product!
    -Grace at A Bit Eccentric

  2. splendorlust says

    Reblogged this on Splendorlust and commented:
    Awesome idea for showcasing prints, such as ‘postcards’. 😊
    Thanks for sharing, Une Peach!

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