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Dak Galbi | 닭갈비

The World’s Most Perfect Dish?

I realize I’m prone to exaggeration but this is possibly the world’s most perfect dish.

Spicy chicken and vegetables cooked on fire & brimstone right in front of you. It’s a mix of divine intervention and …. chicken. It’s other worldly. Has this convinced you to go ahead and eat this masterpiece? I hope so. Basically, eating dak galbi should be on your bucket list in and outside of Korea. Just find a way to get your hands on it.

The other best thingz about dak galbi is that you can find it just about anywhere in Korea, you  can share it with a ton of people, add so many different things (ramen, cheese rice cakes, cheese, seafood, etc…) and it is quite an inexpensive meal. A basic dish will cost you around 18,000 to 20,000 won for two people. Take that, pizza! (Just kidding, pizza, you know I ❤ you.)

After you eat most of your meal you can ask for some rice (bokkeumbap) and they will fry it up with the remaining sauce and vegetables right in front of you. It’s spicy, crispy, carb-y and a perfect end to the meal.

One of these wonderful days I’m going to try and make this all by my little self. I found a great looking recipe on Eat Your Bap.  Look out, kitchen! A storm of chicken is coming.




I tried out my own recipe! Check it out here!

California Dak Galbi

I visited the home of Dak Galbi! Check it out here!

Dak Galbi Chuncheon Korea Title


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