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Inspiration |Cat Dining Station|

040                                          Fotor0514214732

This little area was long overdue for an overhaul. Rehab. Gutted-ness. It looked terrible. The bright green cat shaped mat doesn’t really match my aesthetic.  I found two adorable things online that helped me give my little furballs a true dining station. My children deserved it.

Beauty Lab has a beautiful idea for changing the cat food mat to a tray, replacing the bowls and making the entire area look clean and modern. I would have loved to find a white tray but I think the silver tray works well.

My Inspiration

diy cat food tray_03

I love the white tray. But I couldn’t find one and didn’t feel like painting.

The Lovely Nest gave me the idea to make cat silhouettes. How brilliant is that? It was very easy, very cheap, too adorable for mere words.

 My Inspiration


My Interpretation

Total overhaul price: $11 plus glue sticks and a piece of white construction paper I already owned. Worth every penny.





2014-05-12 20.35.59

2014-05-12 21.12.01

2014-05-12 21.56.40

2014-05-12 21.55.16

2014-05-12 22.06.30

2014-05-14 21.10.19

My inspiration used a paint to make it look more professional. And while I do like it, I wanted mine to look more fun so I used a black corrugated cardboard paper I found instead.


 Such a simple, fun project!

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