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Inspiration: Cat Scratch

Homemade Cat Scratch

What would the internet be without a copious amount of cats?  Not as much fun. Is the answer to that question.

I’ve needed to buy my two apartment destroyers a decent cat scratch for a while now. Nothing proved that more than when the young one decided my new couch felt wonderful underneath his nails. He nearly got shipped to Siberia.

Luckily, shipping a cat is expensive business and it makes  more sense to go ahead and buy a cat scratch. They are expensive, however, especially the kind I want. One of kinds. Modern and unique. Very expensive like this one from Etsy: SaySculptures

My Inspiration

Large Scratching Tree - A totally unique scratching post for cats

Considering this is handmade, $129 is not a bad price. But, I don’t have that kind of money. I’ve got food to buy, afterall.

This one is a bit more reasonable at $89. Still a bit pricey for me. But it is awesome.

My Interpretation

2014-05-05 15.12.09

Fotor05072100462014-05-07 20.10.23

2014-05-07 20.10.29

2014-05-07 20.10.53

2014-05-07 20.11.05

2014-05-07 20.17.38

2014-05-07 20.18.19

Curious. But not yet biting.

2014-05-07 20.18.27

This is obviously not as cool as the Etsy ones but it should hold up for a while and it looks pretty sleek on my cabinet. All in all I am satisfied with it. Now the cats? It remains to be seen 😀

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