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Inspiration: Cityscape

I recently decided my apartment was too drab for human habitation. My sister and brother in law were coming thousands of miles from the USA to visit me in Korea and I knew they would visit my apartment at least once.  I needed some inspiration.

My apartment is a simple shoebox. I really do love it but its quite small and the furniture is provided by my company. I hate almost everything they gave me, but,  since I love to eat and buy expensive foods, I don’t usually have enough money to spend on buying items I already have. These items include the bed, the dining table + chairs, the TV + stand and the closet. I would LOVE to replace all of them. As that is not an option right now, I decided a little low maintenance facelift was in order.

Taking inspiration (almost a replica) of some designs I found on this beautiful site, I created some masking tape deco for my wall.  I did not, in fact, measure. I am a lazy measure-er so I just couldn’t be bothered. But, if you are worried that it will not be even, I would go ahead and do some measurements.

NOTE: Don’t pull the electrical tape too tight. It will snap back after a while and I learned this the hard way. I’ve had to redo several areas where the tape pulled away from the wall.

The Inspiration


Comparte mi Moda Decorating with masking tape

My Interpretation

2014-04-23 21.39.45

My electrical tape cityscape. Right over my dining table.

2014-04-23 21.40.13

2014-04-23 21.40.30

2014-04-23 21.40.45


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